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At Learn THE Ropes, we pride ourselves in offering services ranging from Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Training to Personal Development. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out, as we would welcome the opportunity to assist you.   

Excellence in Customer Service Training

“Make It A Great Day”

Learn THE Ropes Sales/Marketing


A friendly, simple, and authentic approach to excellence in customer service, hospitality, and business etiquette. We offer both universal and customized customer service training on a virtual training platform or in-person training.

"Your brand is the way you represent your company by your actions, attitude, words, and image." - Anna Hay

Learn how to tell your story through your brand image. Discover how to keep the momentum consistent to bring positive results.   

  • Learn about the Six Key Steps of Excellence in Customer Service.   

  • Give a Warm Welcome with a “Texas Friendly” style.

  • Create a “WOW’ customer experience for your customers, guests, or clients.

  • Build your brand and customer loyalty with your business customer service mission statement and mantra.

  • Learn the Six Core Steps in developing a successful sales and marketing career and define your business brand.

  • Generate a target list and learn how to accurately qualify your prospects.

  • Create a plan of action that will generate positive outcomes.

  • Discover how to stay focused, motivated, and productive, in each stage of the sales and marketing cycles.   

“Do It Anyway”

Personal Growth Road Map

“Don’t wait for the waters to be calm before you learn to take on a new adventure, a new skill, or create a new idea. Don’t drift away from what is calling you.”- Anna Hay

  • Learn how to implement changes in your life regardless of what you think the outcome will be.

  • Focus on Six Key Points to help you identify your passion, purpose, ideas, and goals.

  • Follow the 21 Day Focus Challenge and see how this will create a new sense of discipline.

  • Get a new outlook on life and your current situation and current circumstances.

Communicating with Difficult Customers

Discover how to still offer Excellent Customer Service, Handle Difficult Situations, and Practice Active Listening. Being prepared requires being ready and informed. Learn about solutions to problem solving that will create better positive outcomes. 

You are the Brand 

"Your brand is the way you represent your company and employer by your actions, attitude, words and image."

- Anna Hay 

Learn the Six Core Steps in Developing a Successful Business Brand, Sales & Marketing Career. Refine you in your brand. 

Excellence in Customer Service- Make It  A Great Day! 

Learn the Six Key Steps of Excellence in Customer Service and how to apply them in your daily business practices and operations. Learn how the pandemic changed the way consumers choose to buy in this new era.

Do It Anyway 

A Personal Growth Road Map to learn how to implement changes in areas of your life and help you identify your strengths and move you forward in the right direction, regardless of what you think the outcome will be. Learn Six Key Points to help you identify your passions, goals, purpose, and how to get started and keep focused.  

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Why Choose Learn the Ropes

“Anna is an enthusiastic trainer who is very passionate about creating positive customer service opportunities for her clients. Our team left the training with actionable ideas that could be implemented right away in our business.”

Nikki Rojas, Made in Corpus LLC

"Anna as a personal growth coach is very confident, energetic, passionate, easy to talk to and knows how to engage her clients. She is a great motivator and is such an encourager, it’s contagious! I started the program with the goal of improving my health. I made progress quickly with Anna’s guidance and suggestions. The most significant overall change I saw was emotionally; I did not feel hopeless and found new resources and exercises, along with stretches that made me feel so much better. I would personally recommend Anna and her personal growth programs to anyone that is looking for improvement in any area of their life!"

Linda F.

"Taking the 21-Day “Do It Anyway” Focus Challenge with Anna Hay was a very powerful experience for me. I had a dream/goal to write a book that I had kept on the back burner for far too long. The daily steps and motivations from Anna helped me notice the areas where I was letting my energy, passion, and dreams get swallowed by time wasters, as well as by focusing too much on others without refilling my own well. I accomplished so much more writing through this course than I had in a long time and felt a reconnection to delight in my life. Anna is an excellent encouragement and accountability partner! I look forward to doing this again in the future. Thank you, Anna!"

Darcy S.

"Anna Hay helped start me on the right track to get myself motivated into a healthier lifestyle.  Due to covid concerns our meeting were all via zoom.  She is a good listener and always referred back to previous comments.  She was able to relate to my situation and show compassion.  She was also versatile when I had to rearrange scheduled times.  If you are in the market for someone to help set you up on a clearer path to your goals -- no matter what those goals are -- I believe Anna can help you start the process to achieve your goals."

Darcy E.

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