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About Us

It takes time, dedication, and determination to Learn THE Ropes.


Our Story

Learn THE Ropes was created with an idea to bring value and growth to small businesses. The company originated at first during Anna's career transition. Over time we made a decision to create a mother-and-son duo and it all started over several conversations about our passions for excellence in customer service, creating ways to develop successful businesses, and helping individuals create belief in their dreams and passions.


Anna and David Luke decided to combine the 35 years of sales, marketing, and customer service expertise from my career background with his entrepreneurial, digital marketing, and advertising expertise. David Luke always loved my motto, Make It A Great Day, since he was a young boy. So that is where it all began and we created a simple and creative customer service training program called, Make It A Great Day! 


The name of our company, Learn THE Ropes, is about learning something new and has nautical meaning behind it. The idiom “learn the ropes” is nautical. ... New recruits had to learn how to tie knots and manipulate the ropes that moved the sails to capture wind most effectively; this series of lessons was termed “learning the ropes.” Since our company originated in Corpus Christi, Texas the nautical theme just fit our name perfectly! We are all “learning the ropes” every day in some way. Whether it is a new task or skill at work, a new workout regimen, cooking a new recipe, or navigating through modern technologies on our phones and computers. 


We offer both universal and personalized training, which include online and in-person Customer Service, Sales/Marketing Training, One on One Coaching, and Comprehensive Marketing Services. We are here to make a positive difference in your businesses and professional lives and our local communities. 


Our Motto is “Make It A Great Day”! 

Anna Hay, Founder

Learn THE Ropes

David Luke Hay, Co-Founder

Learn THE Ropes

Meet The Team

Anna Hay, Founder

Customer Service, Sales & Marketing Enthusiast & Personal Growth Coach


Anna Hay is the Founder of Learn THE Ropes which originated in 2018 with her desire to bring her 35 years of knowledge and expertise in the areas of Customer Service, Sales and Marketing to small business owners. She is enthusiastic about helping other business owners succeed in these critical areas. Anna has a genuine and fervent desire to bring out the best in people and she is an entrepreneur at heart, which she attributes to her mother as a young girl working in their family restaurant business. Anna enjoys mentoring and helping individuals create belief in their dreams, passions, and purpose. She believes that with some extra guidance, accountability, and discipline everyone can achieve success! In her spare time, she enjoys walking, hiking in the Texas Hill Country, Barre 3, reading, learning about new business models, volunteering in youth services, and spending quality time with family and friends. Anna believes, Life is more adventurous outdoors!

David Luke Hay, Co-Founder

Head of Operations  

David Hay is the Co-Founder and Head of Operations with Learn THE Ropes. David received his Economics Degree from The University of Texas at Austin in 2017 and is committed to changing the world one endeavor at a time. David has experience in Account Management, Media Buying, and Digital Strategy with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industries. He is skilled in multiple leading DSP’s, Ad Servers, SSP’s, Microsoft Office, Management, and Public Speaking. David is currently working on growing his career and educating agencies and brands of the digital field while being a Partner and Head of Digital Strategy at ATD Partners in Austin, Texas. David is now pursuing another endeavor in Customer Service Training, partnering with his mother, Anna Hay, to grow Learn THE Ropes throughout Texas. David enjoys playing golf and soccer, following his favorite soccer teams- Austin F.C. and Liverpool F. C., traveling, and spending time with family and friends. David believes, Once a Longhorn, always a Longhorn!  


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