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It was the Fall of 2018 when I had an "Aha" Moment  while I was having a conversation with a close relative over the phone. I had been in job transition for a while and really missing my career and making a difference in the lives of others.  I'm a professionally trained Customer Service, Sales and Marketing Professional for over 30 years. She asked, "Anna do you need to work?", and without hesitation I answered, "I'm happier when I'm working." That's when I decided to create, develop, and design some training programs that would influence the workplace and our future generations with the knowledge I had been so generously given and eagerly willing to learn.    

I had noticed over the years how technology and social media had made a huge impact on the service industry. It seemed like it was a rare occasion to find “good or exceptional customer service” in almost any industry. It seemed to be a topic of conversation with so many of my friends and business colleagues.


What’s happened in our world of customer service? It’s rare that a “human” answers the business line. It’s rare that the sales associate greets you within 1-5 seconds of entering a store front. It’s extremely rare to receive a hand-written thank you note in the mail for a major purchase. It’s rare to find that people actually want to engage with you and get to know why you came into their business.


So I want to bring back more awareness about the basics of good customer service and human relations. The personal touch has been lost through the years because of the internet and social media. People love to hear the sound of their names and to have eye contact. It’s important that we respect the fact that they have chosen to walk into our businesses or partner with us in other areas of service. So let’s take the time and give them a Warm Welcome!

Customer Service is the key foundation for any type of business, organization, professional practice, government agency, hospital,  restaurant, hotel, or a non profit organization. Customer service is that personal encounter or experience with your client or customer, whether it be via email, telephone or in person. How well your client or customer feels about that encounter or experience will determine their loyalty to you and your brand. It will leave a lasting positive or negative impression in their minds. Good customer service is about  making your customers and clients feel unique, valued, respected, and liked.


I'm passionate about teaching the skills, knowledge, and fundamentals of Customer service, sales, and marketing. I love mentoring others and making new friends in the process. I'm an accomplished Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing Leader that works diligently at grasping new ideas, insights, and visions, that will bring in positive results and overall growth to any company or organizations. I believe in making a positive difference in our communities.

Let me share a little bit about my personal story. I'm a proud native of Texas and have been happily married for over 31 years to my better half, Dave. We have two wonderful children David Luke, and Shelby Lyn, and a new awesome, son in law, Dalton. And we can't leave out our precious fur baby, Bella. In my spare time I enjoy walking, hiking, Barre 3, reading, watching Netflix, learning about new business models, and spending quality time with friends and family. And I love listening to podcasts and being inspired by other peoples stories. I love all kinds of chips, popcorn, chocolate, and greasy french fries.  I'm best known for my poor penmanship and deep laugh.


My motto is, "Make It A Great Day!". 

Anna Hay/Founder 

Learn the Ropes

  • Texas Friendly Hospitality Instructor-TEXAS A&M AGRILIFE EXTENSION

  • SBDC Start Smart, Expertise for New Business- Certificate of Completion

  • Rotary Member of Corpus Christi since 2014

  • WESCC- Women’s Entrepreneur Society of Corpus Christi

  • Girl Talk Advisor- Girl Talk Inc.

  • Austin Community College- Studied Business and Psychology

  • 35 years of expertise in Customer Service, Sales and Human Relations

  • 25 of expertise in Brand and Direct Marketing

  • Public Speaker for Youth Groups


Anna Hay 

Learn the Ropes




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