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Make It a Great Day With

Learn THE Ropes 

Our Vision

Learn THE Ropes was created to help small businesses improve their customer service experiences to develop customer loyalty to their brands. We believe in making a difference in our communities with our motto, "Make It A Great Day."

- Anna Hay /Founder


“Anna is an enthusiastic trainer who is very passionate about creating positive customer service opportunities for her clients. Our team left the training with actionable ideas that could be implemented right away in our business.”

— Made in Corpus Christi LLC, Nikki Riojas

  • Excellence in Customer Service Training
    A friendly, simple, and authentic approach to excellence in customer service, hospitality, and business etiquette. We offer both universal and customized customer service training on a virtual training platform or in-person training. Learn about the Six Key Steps of Excellence in Customer Service. Give a Warm Welcome with a “Texas Friendly” style. Create a “WOW’ customer experience for your customers, guests, or clients. Build your brand and customer loyalty with your business customer service mission statement and mantra.
  • Learn THE Ropes Sales/Marketing Academy
    “Your brand is the way you represent your company by your actions, attitude, words, and image.”– Anna Hay Learn the Six Core Steps in developing a successful sales and marketing career and define your business brand. Generate a target list and learn how to accurately qualify your prospects. Create a plan of action that will generate positive outcomes. Discover how to stay focused, motivated, and productive, in each stage of the sales and marketing cycles.
  • “Do It Anyway” Personal Growth Road Map
    “Don’t wait for the waters to be calm before you learn to take on a new adventure, a new skill, or create a new idea. Don’t drift away from what is calling you.”- Anna Hay Learn how to implement changes in your life regardless of what you think the outcome will be. Focus on Six Key Points to help you identify your passion, purpose, ideas, and goals. Follow the 21 Day Focus Challenge and see how this will create a new sense of discipline. Get a new outlook on life and your current situation and current circumstances.

Meet Our Founders

Anna's new headshot.jpg

Anna Hay


 "Without a plan there are no actions. Without actions there are no results".


David Luke Hay


"Failure is not an option when success is your destination."

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-Anna Hay

Every day may not be great, but there is something great in every day.

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