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Learn The Ropes was created with an idea to bring value and growth to small businesses. The company originated at first during Anna’s unexpected career transition. Over time we made a decision to create a Mother-and-son duo and it all started over several conversations about our passions for excellence in customer service, creating ways to develop successful businesses, and helping individuals create belief in their dreams and passions.


Anna and David Luke decided to combine the 30 years of sales, marketing, and customer service expertise from my career background with his entrepreneurial, digital marketing, and advertising expertise.  David Luke always loved my motto, Make It A Great Day, since he was a young boy. So that’s where it all began and we created a simple and creative training program called, Make It A Great Day!   


The name of our company, Learn The Ropes, is about learning something new and also has nautical meaning behind it. The idiom “learn the ropes” is nautical. ... New recruits had to learn how to tie knots and manipulate the ropes that moved the sails to capture wind most effectively; this series of lessons was termed “learning the ropes.” Since our company originated in Corpus Christi, Texas the nautical theme just fit our name perfectly! We are all “learning the ropes” everyday in some way. Whether it’s a new task or skill at work, a new workout regimen, cooking a new recipe, or navigating through new technologies on our phones and computers.    


We offer personalized services including In-Person and Online Customer Service Training,  One on One Coaching as well as Comprehensive Marketing Services. We’re here to make a difference in your businesses and professional lives.


Make It A Great Day!


Anna Hay/ Founder                                         David Luke Hay/ Co-Founder

Learn The Ropes                                              Learn The Ropes





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Price ranges are as follows: Up to 5 attendees- $250.00 6 to 10 attendees-$425.00 Training sessions not to exceed more than 10 attendees per session. (Includes a one- ho...
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Our Team

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Anna Hay


Anna Hay is the Founder here at Learn the Ropes. Learn the Ropes was started in 2019 with a desire to make a difference in the service industries through her expertise and knowledge of over 35 years in customer service, sales and marketing. She has a passion for helping businesses grow their brand by offering excellent customer service training in their specific industry. She is passionate about teaching the skills, knowledge, and fundamentals of Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing. She love’s mentoring others and making new friends in the process. As well as believing in making a positive difference in our communities and supporting our local small businesses. In her spare time she enjoys walking, hiking in the Texas Hill Country, Barre 3, reading, learning about new business models, and spending quality time with family and friends.


David Hay

Co-Founder/Head of Operations

David Hay is the Co-Founder and Head of Operations here at Learn the Ropes. David received his degree in Economics from The University of Texas at Austin and is committed to changing the world one endeavor at a time. David has experience in Account Management, Media Buying, and Digital Strategy with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Skilled in multiple leading DSP's, Ad Servers, SSP's, Microsoft Office, Management, and Public Speaking. He is currently working on growing his career and educating agencies and brands of the digital field while being Partner and Head of Digital Strategy at ATDPartners. David has now pursued another endeavor in Customer Service Training, partnering with his mother Anna Hay to grow Learn the Ropes in Texas and bring Excellent Customer Service back to the forefront of society. David enjoys playing golf, following his favorite soccer teams- Austin F.C and Liverpool F.C., traveling, and spending time with family and friends. 



Taking the 21-Day “Do It Anyway” Focus Challenge with Anna Hay was a very powerful experience for me. I had a dream/goal to write a book that I had kept on the back burner for far too long. The daily steps and motivations from Anna helped me notice the areas where I was letting my energy, passion, and dreams get swallowed by time wasters, as well as by focusing too much on others without refilling my own well. I accomplished so much more writing through this course than I had in a long time and felt a reconnection to delight in my life. Anna is an excellent encouragement and accountability partner! I look forward to doing this again in the future. Thank you, Anna! - Darcy S.

Anna as a personal growth coach is very confident, energetic, passionate, easy to talk to and knows how to engage her clients. She is a great motivator and is such an encourager, it’s contagious! I started the program with the goal of improving my health. I made progress quickly with Anna’s guidance and suggestions. The most significant overall change I saw was emotionally; I did not feel hopeless and found new resources and exercises, along with stretches that made me feel so much better. I would personally recommend Anna and her personal growth programs to anyone that is looking for improvement in any area of their life! - Linda F.

Anna Hay helped start me on the right track to get myself motivated into a healthier lifestyle.  Due to covid concerns our meeting were all via zoom.  She is a good listener and always referred back to previous comments.  She was able to relate to my situation and show compassion.  She was also versatile when I had to rearrange scheduled times.  If you are in the market for someone to help set you up on a clearer path to your goals -- no matter what those goals are -- I believe Anna can help you start the process to achieve your goals. - Darcy E.

“Anna is an enthusiastic trainer who is very passionate about creating positive customer service opportunities for her clients. Our team left the training with actionable ideas that could be implemented right away in our business.” - Made in Corpus Christi LLC, Nikki Riojas