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Learn the Ropes was created during a season of transition in my life. After spending many hours looking at all the jobs, training, knowledge, education, and experience that I had over my career path, I was able to identify some similarities. All of my jobs starting as a young adult and throughout my career all connected to each other in the areas of Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing.


I worked in commission sales for over 20 years, pioneered 3 startup companies, developed and implemented a medical referral program that increased revenues by over 178%. In addition, I trained and mentored new sales representatives and most of all built long term relationships with the people that I partnered with throughout my career.


I wrote down all the jobs that I had since I started working at the young age of 7 because my mother owned a Mexican Restaurant and it was a family operated business. That means everyone works! I realized I had worked in over 30 different jobs throughout my career. I worked through college and then decided I wanted to start my first professional career in the retail banking industry. So that meant I would have to work a part-time job in order to meet my obligations. I continued my career path in the areas of Retail Banking, Financial Services, Staffing and Recruiting, Medical Prevention Marketing, School Fundraising, Retail Management, Direct Sales, Consultative and Business to Business Sales, Hearing Healthcare, Brand Development, and Relationship Management.


We are all “learning the ropes” every day in some way.  Whether it’s a new task or skill at work, a new workout regimen, cooking a new recipe, or navigating through new technologies on our phones and computers.


Learn something new today!



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